Girls songs

The Wonder girls and remade in the music video for Fin.KL 's hit song and he will be the release of the 4th to come.

There was a lot of occasions in the past when the idol singers have renewed existing songs, such as girls generation to cover me for SeungChul Oalanfjar large to cover me MoonSae had but little of this is the first time in which music, video, and being renewed.
Other albums I do not know I was just like the songs of this type and hop and jazz love songs for girls only
This music video is particularly noteworthy because of JYP entertainment directly arranged the song in a new breed of it with the beat pattern that is exclusive to girls and Wonder. Not only that but the music and video take on another level of fun as the audience will enjoy dancing YooBin

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هذا الموضوع كتبته يوم ضمن تصنيف فأن اصبت فمن الله وحده و ان اخطات فمن نفسي و الشيطان . يمكنك نقل اي موضوع من المدونة بشرط ذكر المصدر و ذكر رابط الموضوع الاصلي للاتصال او الاستفسار عن اي موضوع من هنا.