Tempe DUI Conviction AZ DUI Law

Tempe DUI Conviction AZ DUI Law

Tempe DUI Convictions Means Jail or Prison Time
Tempe DUI (Driving under the Influence) Laws are governed by Arizona State Law DUI and Criminal Code. The law requires that if convicted you will be required to complete a jail or prison sentence, another with a host of other Penalties. Just because you have been charged and arrested, you still have a constitutional right to a defense, and a DUI charge is not yet a DUI conviction. A Tempe DUI - DWI is just the beginning. An experienced DUI lawyer who defends cases in Arizona Court will among other things, make you're your DUI charges are justified, that there were no constitutional rights violations, and look for weakness or flaws in the prosecution's case. "An Experienced Tempe DUI Lawyer may be able to reduce your DUI to a lesser charge, with lesser or no jail or prison sentence or even get your DUI charges dismissed completely." There job is to fulfill your constitutional right to a defense. And a good Tempe DUI Attorney's job is to use every available means through legal channels to do that.
A good Tempe DUI Lawyer or Arizona DUI Defense Attorney, who defends Tempe DUI Charges frequently in Tempe Court, will fight to get your charges dismissed completely, or in the alternative reduced to a lesser charge to avoid your having to do Jail or Prison time.

For those facing DUI charges the first thing on many people's mind is "If convicted, will I go to jail or prison and for how long?"

Depending on the severity, circumstances and classification of the Tempe DUI charges
Tempe DUI convictions include other penalties such as fines, fees, probation, counseling, ignition interlock device, and other punishments in addition to jail or prison time. Also, the jail or prison time may fluctuate depending on the facts of your case and criminal history, if any. Often the first question many people have who face DUI charges is "If convicted, will I go to jail or prison and for how long?" The following is simply a guideline4s that focus on that question in the event of a DUI Conviction. Remember, the answer may not be the same, in that some court has discretion to increase the penalties including the sentence depending on your specific set of circumstances, criminal history and whatever the judge deems appropriate.

Arizona DUI Incarceration Minimum Sentencing Guidelines paraphrased from
A.R.S. 28 - 1381, 28-1382, and 28-1383:

• First DUI (non-extreme) .08+ BAC.................. 24 Hours in Jail
• Second DUI (non-extreme) .08+ BAC.................30 Days in Jail
• First DUI Extreme .15+ BAC ..........................30 Days in Jail
• Second DUI Extreme .15+ BAC.........................120 Days in Jail
• First DUI Super Extreme .20+ BAC....................45 Days in Jail
• 2nd Super Extreme .20+ BAC..........................180 days in jail
• Felony DUI (DUI with aggravated classification.....4 Months in Prison
The Tempe Court and Tempe Prosecutor will not help you to defend your case or make your life easier. To the contrary, their job is to get Tempe DUI convictions. Basically your side of the story will be disregarded or mute. A word of caution, if you do in fact decide to represent yourself (not recommended): In fact, without Arizona DUI legal representation and guidance by an Arizona DUI Lawyer or Criminal Defense Attorney who defends DUI charges frequently in Tempe Court, you may unknowingly be incriminating yourself further and making the prosecutor's case against you stronger. The Tempe Prosecution and Tempe Court get a fast conviction with little work when a defendant goes unrepresented. And without a good AZ DUI defense attorney, are futile, and to the hopes of the prosecution, could very well make matters worse.

Your Tempe AZ DUI Attorney should be experienced with a vast amount of DUI litigation experience, have a clear understanding of Arizona laws, changes in law, and most importantly will know well what defenses can be used to build and mount a successful defense on your behalf. A good DUI Attorney in Arizona will do everything possible to get your case dismissed or a reduced sentence based on weaknesses in the prosecutions case. They will be the barrier between you and the Tempe Prosecution. They will be your voice of legal defense reason, and mount a strong defense on your behalf. A good Tempe DUI Attorney's goal is to make sure your rights are not violated, and that your future and freedom are protected. That's their job: Make sure you choose an Arizona Attorney who does their job well.
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This post was intended to provide general information only and is not intended as specific legal advice. You should not rely upon this information alone, but should consult legal counsel regarding the application of the laws and regulations discussed and as applied to your specific case or circumstance.
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