Web Hosting

Web Hosting is an internet service or online based service that allows organizations and individuals to post their website or web content on the internet.
It is often provided as part of a general internet access plan.

In other words, it is a service of providing space for the storage of information, images, files and other content onto servers which can be accessed by others through the World Wide Web sites.

This service is usually provided by a company or an institution called Internet Service Provider (ISP) or Hosting Service Provider (HSP) where they station their physical servers in a temperature controlled surroundings and permanently connected to the internet by using available data lines.

Besides providing storage space, these companies or institutions also extends their services to installation, 27/7 maintenance and repair of the internet connection.

Types Of Basic Web Hosting

Shared or Virtual Web Hosting
This type of service is the most commonly used by the internet user where your domain name is registered onto one server.
This server is shared in terms of resources (ie. CPU time, Operating System, RAM, applications, bandwidth) by other clients of your ISP (Internet Service Provider) or HSP.


The lowest cost for registration of your domain name since your ISP or HSP host numbers of client onto one server, therefore cost of maintaining the server can be reduced and pass the saving to you.

Suitable for small and medium websites with average traffic. Please check with your ISP or HSP terms of service for the definition of "average traffic" because different ISP or HSP has different benchmark.
Not able to manage the activities of the server but still able to manage your website activities.
Not able to install new software of your own choice (imposed by your ISP or HSP) since it might distract or distort their other applications which is shared by other clients.
Can not expect constant high rate of uptime for your website (ie. inconsistent website).
Traffic volume, database and software support restriction might be imposed by your ISP or HSP. Please check with your ISP or HSP terms of hosting service.
Server instability (ie. inconsistent amount of access to the resources) due to number of users is using it.
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